Friday, March 14, 2008

Where has all the time gone?

It is hard to believe that March is already half over. Have I really been living back in So. IN since early December? Is my grandmother really due home from FL in a month? Crap - I haven't found a new place to live or bought any furniture to replace what I gave away in MtP. The last couple of weeks have been a blur. Mom and Dad have had terrible bouts with bronchitis and my Grandfather's health has taken a turn for the worse, leaving him unable to live in his home. I've been a craptastic friend - not called people in MtP or my local friends. My job is rather social and when I get home - I just have trouble motivating myself to be social enough to talk on the phone. Enough of my bitching!

I started a new job on March 2nd. It has been a fun couple of weeks in the new office. I moved from having 24 employees to having 3 co-workers and a boss. It has been great to move into an office where the people function as a team and not a bunch of junkyard dogs in a pissing for territory contest. Its such a change from the HPB experience that I often wonder how I survived working there. Then I remember the answer - great friends that were caring.

Speaking of great friends - it's Larry's birthday on Sunday. Things were crazy with my parents and my grandfather this week and I never made it to the store to buy a card :(. I'll miss the singing of birthday songs at D&D. Honestly I will miss it - even if it makes every dog in a 10 mile radius howl. I also want to see how the insanity potion runs it course on Jaspia - maybe she can get a hold of the intelligent sword while her character is insane....

So back to this new job.... My computer accounts are not yet fully functional and I have spent a 'bit' of time spinning my wheels. What work I have been doing has been fun and well within the realm of things I like to do. For instance spending a day and a half researching information from local accredited universities and college for our Lunch & Learn and Tuition Assistance programs was lots of fun I was able to bring a perspective to the project that might not otherwise have been represented. I am looking forward to all the computer issues being resolved and further delving into other new projects and assignments. Did I mention how different this environment is than my last job - even if its the same gray colored Steelcase furniture in the office?

Another reason to be happy with life - its warm enough that even in the morning or the cool days its ok to wear Keens or Birkenstocks to work! Oh and no pesky micro-managed dress code that is impacting my hair style and color decisions or making me nervous too much of my left foot tattoo is showing through a pair or shoes.

So whats in store for this weekend.... Mom's cholesterol was higher than she wants it, so I am supposed to stock her house with food that is better than what has been keeping in the pantry and refrigerator. You don't have to tell me twice to do some shopping and cooking - so I am heading over to Creation Garden with plans for things I don't normally give thought to. It should be interesting and hopefully delicious. I also need to get Easter plans lined up - Mom was going to be in FL for the holiday but her plans changed, so I changed my plans to go to MtP. I decided we would have an open house and invite lots of people over.

I also have plans to catch up with friends this weekend. I need to make time to touch base with the people who are so often in my thoughts. In an effort to do so, I remembered to put my phone to charging.

I also need to work some on finding a place to live - Mamaw will be home before I know it. I love her and am very greatful to have had the chance to stay here; however our relationship will suffer if I am still living here past May 1.

Have a great weekend,